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Local Photographer Captures The Heart & Soul Of Her Subject

Cathy Childs passion for photography goes back to 1975 when with the encouragements of late brother she picked a camera up. The Pentac Spotmatic 35mm that she looked through it's viewfinder was the beginning of life long passion

for the art photography.

Along with studing photography Cathy also studied graphic design in college. She couldn't wait until she could afford equipment for her own darkroom. She developed and processed all her own photographs – at first only black and white and eventually even color photos. As a student she learned about the mechanics of photography (loading the film, developing the film, printing her own photographs in the darkroom) but over the years she learned so much more about the ART of photography. As her passion for the art of photography grew so did her creativity.

As a professional photographer with more than 30 years experience she has photographed equine events, pets, families and nature. She enjoys shooting her subjects in natural outdoor settings using natures lighting to capture a moment in time.

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